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chaussure de marche

The release of our Chaussure de Marche last spring marked our debut into the world of footwear, and since then we’ve dropped a few more colorways, but for our SS22 Chaussure de Marchecollection we’ve decided to visit our young budding roots and for the first time ever will be re-releasing our Chaussure de Marche in their original colorway – “Black Crocodile” Embossed Calfskin. The collection will also be debuting two brand new colorways – Smooth “Yellow Leather” and “Brown Crocodile” Embossed Calfskin.  


From the moment we first started Sillage, my partner and I knew that we wanted to do something in footwear, but we also knew that we didn’t want to rush the design process, so for months at a time my partner and I would go to the drawing board to find what best captured the identity of Sillage, obsessing over every detail from top to bottom. We took this same approach with the two new colorways in our Chaussure de Marche SS22 collection, and after months of trying different colors and leathers, we finally landed on a soft orange/yellow smooth leather that really embodies the warmth of summer, as well as a brown embossed calfskin reminiscent of vintage high-end luxury items, like a Franklin briefcase.

質実剛健なVibram ソールを配しながらアッパーはミカエルスタイルのエレガントなデザイン。






Sillage が出す定番とも言えるレザーシューズ

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