sillage for adi

If you’ve been following Yuthanan on Instagram for a while now then you might remember the name “Adi” from his “Coffee & Food guide – Tokyo”.


Adi, a small Nepalese restaurant located in Nakameguro, is one of Yuthanan’s absolute favorite places to grab a bite (he goes about 2-3 times a week personally) for a number of reasons: the warm and welcoming interior, the special lunch experience where the menu is limited to a single curry dish carefully curated by chef Kanchan Adhikari, and the calm atmosphere just to name a few. But the biggest reason Yuthanan loves the place is simple: the food exudes ingenuity, without compromising authenticity.


After falling in love with the restaurant and the food, it only made sense that we collaborate on a project to pay tribute to both Nepalese spices and cuisine.


We first worked with Adi to determine what spices would truly represent the roots of Nepalese foods, and after we figured that out we then ordered illustrations of these spices from Fukuoka based artist, Hitomi Kawasaki, and then had these spices printed on a high thread count cotton fabric. The spices we used for the illustrations include the ban timmur or Nepali pepper, Caraway Seeds, Bay Leaves, and a few more surprises, and then we had each illustration labeled and identified in a beautiful Nepalese script.


The collection will consist of a short sleeve overshirt and a long sleeve overshirt.


"Adi" とのコラボレーション シャツ



Adi が普段から使っているスパイスたちを福岡のアーティスト Hitomi 氏にドローイングを依頼。



スタイルは夏のSillage の定番とも言えるオープンカラーシャツ




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