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engy saint-ange for sillage

The second installment in our SS22 Artist Series is finally here, and this time around we decided to collaborate with someone that I’ve wanted to work with since the inception of good friend and fellow French native, Engy Saint-Ange.   


In total Engy illustrated six different original compositions, which we then printed onto a number of Sillage Short Sleeve Overshirts in six completely unique ways.  

“These compositions are to be seen as a puzzle of drawings linked to scenes from the Caribbean.
These are feelings experienced by a Parisian artist who grew up alongside his roots, an ode to Martinique and its mystique.” 


All six shirts will be available in limited quantities. 


Sillage 夏のアーティストコレクション第二弾はYuthananの友人でもあるフランス人のアーティスト  Engy とのコラボレーション。




今回のテーマは彼の祖国である かつて「マディニーナ」として知られていた西インド諸島のカリブ海の島マルティニーク。







スタイルは夏のSillage の定番とも言えるオープンカラーシャツ


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