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embroideries and event® shell

For the first Spring launch of 2022 we put a focus on utilizing a first-time fabric for Sillage called eVent® - eVent® is a highly technical material that's both windproof, waterproof, lightweight, and features Direct Venting™ technology. 


The Direct Venting™ technology actively vents moisture and body heat, allowing for the wearer to stay dry and comfortable in any weather conditions

Because of this unique technology, eVent stands alone as the only material that doesn't require water to be waterproof - it actively vents out all moisture. 


The new eVent® collection will include our timeless and minimal Oversized Belted Coat, along with a number of our other classic silhouettes: Veste 2B, Cardigan, Gilet, Circular Shorts and our new Adjustable Cap.


The collection will be available in 2 colorways: Taupe, and Black. 

数多くの本格アウトドアブランドが使用するEVENT 生地を使ったコレクション



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