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To end this summer season a small project with Naoyuki Yoda, a painter and pottery artist based in Tokyo.

You know how much we love mixing cultures, here the re-interpretation of african tribal masks.

This polo shirt loopwheel fabric is made in a well-known factory Toki-sen in Wakayama known for their machine old from 100years, each machine can produce only 1 meter of fabric per hour. The fabric is brushed on the surface to create a comfortable and soft feeling.

The manufacturing process will take about a month, each polo shirts are hand painted by the Japanese artist Naoyuki Yoda.

Limited to only 10 pieces.

ドローイングや陶芸家として知られる Naoyuki Yoda 氏による アートポロのローンチ。

一点一点 ポロシャツに直接手描きでドローイングする作品です。


ボディはSillage の 吊り裏毛 の起毛ポロ