kenji aoki for sillage

We have a lot of moving pieces here at Sillage, such as our “Essential Collection”, or our “Artisanal Collection”, but our most popular collection is definitely the “Artist Collaborative Series”, where we work with a variety of different artists from all over the world to create a physical representation of the perfect marriage between the artist, and our brand. 

After meeting with my partner and determining what artists we feel would be a good fit for a collaborative series, we then begin working with the artists themselves – we start by working with them to determine which of their works they feel best represents them as an artist, as well as their foundational philosophy that guides their work, and then we figure out how the artwork should be displayed as well as what Sillage piece would act as the best “canvas”.  

The resulting collection almost always exceeds either party’s expectations. 

This year we worked hard to choose a number of Artists that we have nothing but the utmost respect for, and we’re happy to announce that for the next few weeks we’ll be dropping a brand new Artist Collaborative Series collection every week.  

We at Sillage are grateful to have such incredibly talented friends and colleagues that occupy the art world, and we’re even happier to be able to hook up these artists we love, admire, and respect, with a platform like Sillage.


Sillage としてできる手段は全て使い