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POLARTEC® and Recycled Down Material.

Our final release for this season will be the ultimate drop of Sillage's iconic winter silhouettes from past collections, such as our incredibly popular Giant Pocket Muffler (a modular winter essential that can be worn in a variety of ways), along with a number new silhouettes that we will be debuting as well. The entire collection will consist of heavy outerwear featuring premium materials such as Polartec® fleece, as well as a handful of down-filled items, 


For the down-filled items we recycled our Square Shape Quilt design from last winter to create 3 new silhouettes: the Crewneck Cardigan, the Crewneck Vest, and an updated Giant Pocket Muffler. For the shell we used an 80% cotton / 20% nylon blend, resulting in a unique material that provides a soft, comfortable experience for the wearer, and then filled these pieces with recycled down for an unbeatable warmth.


Aside from the down, we've also decided to incorporate Polartec® Fleece into our collection this season, a material known worldwide for its durability and insulating characteristics, making it almost the perfect fabric for creating clothes with high thermal resistance properties.

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