Sillage Destination Series - Thailand / VENTILE® Collection

Our second destination for our "Destination Series" is Thailand, a country rich with culture, known for its complex gastronomy, iconic architecture, and of course its martial arts, particularly Muay Thai.

I’ve never practiced any Muay Thai, but I’ve always been fascinated by a fighter’s determination, and their level of respect for this traditional martial art.


For this Thailand based collection we asked our Fukuoka based friend & artist Hitomi Kawasaki to draw a pair of Muay Thai fighters, and used it to create an all-over-print.

The collection will be composed of a 2B Jacket, a CPO Shirt, Circular Pants, Circular Short Pants, Hakama Pants & a Helmet Cap.

The collection will also be available without the all-over-print, in your choice of either Beige, Navy or Khaki VENTILE®.