big pocket overshirt supima cotton natural stripe
  • big pocket overshirt supima cotton natural stripe


    The fabric we sourced for the collection is a beautiful typewriter supima cotton. 


    My partner and I have been working hard to advance our designs here at Sillage without losing the brand’s identity, our latest focus being on creating a shirt that goes beyond the typical “shirt”, and the new “Wide Pocket Overshirt” is the long-awaited fruit of our labor.  


    When designing a shirt, it’s always important to understand the fabric you’re working with, as different fabrics will almost always result in different shapes, and our new design fits perfectly with the collage of up-cycled antique fabrics we’ve chosen for our upcoming Sillage Artisanal Collection.   


    As expected, we’ve kept the Sillage DNA in the design of the shirt by giving it a wide and long body, with oversized cuffs firmly attached to the sleeves in order to create slack in the shape of the sleeves themselves – a quality that rounds out the shirt as a whole and creates optimum balance in design. The jacket also has big pockets on both the left and the right side, resulting in a look that closely resembles a blouson, while the heaviness of the fabric on the body creates a firm drape that adds an air of elegance to any outfit. 


    All in all, we feel like our new Overshirt is perfect in every way, and we plan to make this level of perfection our new standard here at Sillage.   


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    高級素材のSupima cottonを使ったタイプライターシャツ地






    2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。

    • Measurements

      Size   Width Lenght Sleeve
      One Size   82 81 98

      all measurements are in cm. 

    • Composition

      Cotton  100%

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code