For our Summer Collection Artist Series, we teamed up with several different artists, working in all kinds of different mediums, to create a bunch of new and unique products/designs. The second artist in this series is the team of Paris-based artists behind the brand Baema T Boa.

    If you’ve been following my account for a while then you probably know how passionate I am about botany, so it’s no surprise that this project has a special connection to me.


    Whenever I travel I love researching and discovering different local flora, & even have a few destinations I want to go particularly for the local flora, e.g. Socotra Island, an island off Yemen that was also the theme of my early summer collection.


    This is why when I started working with the artists behind the Baema T Boa, an ethical brand that aims to develop eco-responsible clothing through upcycling (which is also one of my goals with Sillage when re-using antique/vintage fabrics we’ve sourced from around the world), I asked them to draw the silhouette of a plant that I’d marked in one of my books on botany.


    The result was a shirt that takes the shape of my iconic Sillage Open Collar Shirt, with the plant design embroidered asymmetrically on the front.

    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    夏のアーティストコラボシリーズ 第一弾はフランスのMarion とBastien によるアートプロジェクト BaeMa T Boa とのコラボレーション



    アニマルや植物のシルエットをデザインし それらを刺繍でシャツにつけていくという独自のスタイル。










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      Size Shoulder Width Lenght Sleeve
      One Size 31 85 72 29

      all measurements are in cm.

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      Cotton 100%

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      6205.20 000