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For the past few months we have had quite a few inquiries from fans asking if we at Sillage would ever consider releasing our version of the incredibly popular Cargo Pants, and my partner and I are happy to finally tell you guys that we in fact have been planning on releasing a pair of cargo pants for quite some time, and that they are finally ready for us to share with everyone.

When we first decided to create our own cargo pants, we decided to use vintage European Military Pants as the inspiration for our design.

Originally designed for use by the British army, the earliest iteration of the cargo pants first came into existence during the 1930” Æs. They featured a wide baggy fit around the legs, with one big cargo pocket on the front and cuffed hems to lock in warmth. This pant style quickly gained popularity with the US military and the civilian markets around the 90s.

Although the Sillage One Pocket Cargo Pants haven't been designed or developed for combat, we sincerely believe that these may be the best cargo pants ever designed for civilian wear.
The blueprints for the One Pocket Cargo Pants were based on the original design from Europe, but we've decided to move the pocket from the front of the leg to the side for easier access. For the material, we decided to use a tough yet luxurious organic back satin cotton, and we also added two pockets discreetly along the side seam of the pants as well as two large flap pockets on the back. We also reinforced the knees by layering fabric on top for a double knee feature and added drawstrings at the hem for fastening to allow the wearer to both change the silhouette of the pants, as well as to lock in heat for colder weather.

Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.










Size One size
Waist 76-100 
Rise 41
Length 66
Inseam 28
Leg opening 64

all measurements are in cm.


Brushed French Linen 100%

Country of Origin


HS code


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