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    Deviating from our design norms by removing our signature earflaps, Sillage's new caps for this spring season are inspired by original authentic baseball caps and are the perfect accessory for any outfit. The new caps feature a classic six panel design, premium metal eyelets, full nylon lining, and a high-quality nylon adjuster in the back for comfort and security. The brim of the cap is also the perfect size, making sure to provide shade and protection for wearers on even the sunniest of days.


    Our latest project here at Sillage takes another step in the right direction as we shift our focus more and more to incorporate the concepts of sustainability and up-cycling into our core beliefs. 

    After carefully sourcing a small collection of pieces, we cut the uniforms into square patches and then sewed them together to create sheets of patchwork fabric.

    From there, we then had our artisans in Tokyo re-work the patchwork sheets by hand and had them cut, assemble, stitch, and sew the different sections of the sheet together. Afterward, the clothes were then sent to our factory in Okayama for the buttoning process.


    No two products are the same, and each one will be numbered by hand by a good friend of the brand Naoyuki Yoda.


    ***This is a product made through the process of up-cycling used/vintage fabrics. Because of the nature of used/vintage fabrics, some pieces may show signs of fraying, dirt, scratches, fading, etc. Please be aware of this before you purchase anything, thank you.


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    Sillage Artisanal Collection 

    それが"Artisanal Collection" 




    その生地をパターンに合わせ裁断 縫製する











    フレインチワークのジャケット パンツを解体して作りました。






    • Sizing

      The cap is adjustable on the back.

    • composition

      COTTON 100%   (vintage clothing 100%)

    • Country of origin

      Made in Japan

    • HS code


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