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casquette bleu de travail  three
  • casquette bleu de travail three


    Here at Sillage there’s one accessory we release regularly throughout the year. Yep you guessed it, the flap cap. 


    The only thing that could make these incredibly cool caps even cooler, is when they’re constructed using our signature Artisanal Collection process. 


    Alongside our 2022 Spring/Summer Artisanal “Tie Dye” collection, we’ll be dropping a small handful of artisanal flap caps made of vintage work clothing fabric.  


    Half of the flap caps will be constructed using vintage workwear clothing we sourced from France, and the other half will be constructed using vintage workwear chinos sourced from the U.S.  


    Each cap will sport a unique numbering on the back – a signature feature amongst all of our Artisanal goods. 


    The caps feature two ear flaps that protect the wearer from inclement weather, a medium length visor, thin high-quality leather straps that hang from the earflaps, a bungee cord that lines the brim, and a lace-lock at the back in order to adjust the cap for comfort and security. 


    Thanks to the design of the flaps the hat can be worn backwards to sport a look reminiscent of the classic aviator cap, with the brim facing forward for a more classic outdoorsy aesthetic, or forward with the flaps tied up for a relaxed casual look. 


    No two products are the same, and each one will be numbered by hand by a good friend of the brand Hisayuki Hiranuma


    ***This is a product made through the process of up-cycling used/vintage fabrics. Because of the nature of used/vintage fabrics, some pieces may show signs of fraying, dirt, scratches, fading, etc. Please be aware of this before you purchase anything, thank you.


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    Sillage Artisanal Collection 

    それが"Artisanal Collection" 




    その生地をパターンに合わせ裁断 縫製する










    スタイルは最も人気を博すFlapCap モデル

    特徴的なEar Flap のデザインがとてもアイコニックです。










    • Sizing

      The cap is adjustable on the back.

    • composition

      COTTON 100%   (vintage clothing 100%)

    • Country of origin

      Made in Japan

    • HS code


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