casquette high density twill cream
  • casquette high density twill cream


    We will also be releasing a number of pieces alongside our “Spring 2022 Artist Series: Ryo Koizumi” that will utilize the same cotton twill material. The collection will consist of our Hakama Pants. Flap cap, Bucket hat, and of course our iconic Circular Pants.


    The fabric we sourced for the collection is a beautiful high density cotton twill with a bounce finish. The fabric is thin, but because it has a twill weave it still creates bulging shapes on the wearer while also being easy to maintain, resistant to wrinkles or tears, with a long-lasting luxuriously durable feel, making it the perfect material for the summer.


    Both collections dropping will be available in three naturally themed colorways: Brown, Beige, and Natural.


    The flap cap here at Sillage is one of our longest running headwear silhouettes we release regularly throughout the year.


    The cap features two ear flaps that protect the wearer from inclement weather, a medium length visor, thin high-quality leather straps that hang from the earflaps, a bungee cord that lines the brim, and a lace-lock at the back in order to adjust the cap for comfort and security.


    Thanks to the design of the flaps the hat can be worn backwards to sport a look reminiscent of the classic aviator cap, with the brim facing forward for a more classic outdoorsy aesthetic, or forward with the flaps tied up for a relaxed casual look.


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    • Sizing

      The cap is adjustable on the back.

    • composition

      cotton 100%

    • Country of origin

      Made in Japan

    • HS code