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fatigue shirts corduroy six
  • fatigue shirts corduroy six


    Our latest project here at Sillage takes another step in the right direction as we shift our focus more and more to incorporate the concepts of sustainability and up-cycling into our core beliefs. After carefully sourcing a small collection of pieces, we cut the uniforms into square patches and then sewed them together to create sheets of patchwork fabric.


    From there, we had our artisans in Tokyo re-work the patchwork sheets by hand and had them cut, assemble, stitch, and sew the different sections of the sheets together. Afterward, the clothes were then sent to our factory in Okayama for the buttoning process. Our aprons have been made using vintage denim shirts we've carefully selected. No two products are the same, and each will be numbered by hand by a good friend Naoyuki Yoda.

    We had the shirts cut in a wide silhouette, with large slits added to each side of the shirt. We then attached two luxuriously beautiful herringbone tape cords to each side slit, allowing the wearer to tie them together and tighten/adjust the body width of the shirt to their liking.

    The herringbone tape cords can also be styled by leaving them untied and hanging outwards, allowing for them to become beautifully unique accents that elevate any outfit. The shirts also feature two large breast pockets up top for storage, and large kneaded buttons along the front for easy fastening.


    *** About the vintage/antique patchwork fabric, certain parts of the fabric will have stains, scratches, and frayed threads – please keep this in mind when purchasing this piece.

    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    ビンテージのコーデュロイを集め解体して組み直し 生地にしてからそれを裁断して製品にしました。














    • Measurements

      Size One size
      Width 84
      Length 71
      Sleeve 97

      all measurements are provided in cm.

    • Composition

      Cotton 100%

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code


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