hakama pants fine linen beige
  • hakama pants fine linen beige


    Our Spring and Summer collections here at Sillage are known for a lot of things, such as our unique prints and designs, tasteful color choices, and relaxed silhouettes, but one thing that might just stand above the rest is our materials, specifically Linen.


    With that being said, we’re excited for the inaugural drop of our seasonal Summer Linen Collection.


    For the materials we used a super fine 100% linen fabric that’s soft to the touch, naturally wrinkle resistant, with an incredibly detailed weave that creates a visibly beautiful texture.


    The pieces in this drop will consist of our usual Circular Pants, Hakama Pants, Flap Caps, along with the first time release of our brand new silhouette we’ve been working on behind the scenes: the Big Pocket Short Sleeve Shirt.   


    The Collection will be available in two colors: Beige, and Natural 


    Our Hakama Pants here at Sillage have a special place in our heart – it’s the very first design to ever come out of Sillage.  


    Inspired by the traditional “Hakama Pants” worn by Japanese martial artists beginning in the 6th century, our Hakama Pants here at Sillage are wide with a straight and loose cut, a fully pleated upper that gathers the fabric and lets it drape against the wearer beautifully, two side pockets and two back pockets (one buttoned back pocket), and a comfortable elasticated waistband with wide waist-ties that pay homage to traditional Hakama Pants.   


    We at Sillage recommend the Hakama Pants for anyone looking for an elegant pair of wide-fitting straight cut pants that have a beautiful drape, and modern aesthetic.


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    夏に最も愛される素材ファインリネンを使ったコレクション シワになりやすい欠点をもつリネンに対し このファインリネンはシワになりにくいアンチクリンクル加工をしています。 手触り肌触りは非常に柔らかく、湿気の多い日本の夏には快適に着ていただけます。 節の少ない非常にエレガントな高級リネンです。

    スタイルはオリジナルのハカマパンツをより進化させたハカマパンツ。太いまままっすぐ落ちるストレートが特徴です。 今回のモデルはシルエット感を初代のものとし、さらに強度とウエスト周りのイージーさをアップデートしています。






    • Measurements

      Size Free size
      Waist 76-100
      Rise 37
      Length 98
      Inseam 64
      Leg opening 70

      all measurements are in cm.

    • Composition

      linen 100%

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code