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hakama pants sashiko ivory



For our latest Sillage FW22 collection, we decided to move away from our usual monochromatic collections and tapped into two different storied fabrics, Harris Tweed for one half of the collection and a sashiko reminiscent woven fabric for the other half, for our new FW22 Harris Tweed/Indigo Collection.

For the Indigo Collection, we were able to get our hands on a uniquely checkered loose-weave fabric that looks reminiscent of traditional Japanese Sashiko embroidery in two different colorways: a beautifully clean undyed colorway and a deep, rich indigo version as well. The Indigo collection will feature our Short Coat, Gilet, Hakama Pants, and Circular Pants.

The Hakama Pants is Sillage's first design, a pant iconic to the brand with a wide and comfortable straight cut inspired by the traditional Hakama Pants worn for Martial Arts.

The Hakama Pants are Sillage's most straight and loose cut.
Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


今回のコレクションは伝統的な日本の刺し子刺繍を思わせる 独特の市松模様の緩い織り生地。独自の立体的な生地の質感。ナチュラルと深みのある豊かな藍色のインディゴコレクションです。ショートコート、ジレ、袴パンツ、サーキュラーパンツを展開。

オリジナルのハカマパンツをより進化させたハカマパンツ。太いまままっすぐ落ちるストレートが特徴です。 今回のモデルはシルエット感を初代のものとし、さらに強度とウエスト周りのイージーさをアップデートしました。


Size One size
Waist 76-100
Rise 37
Length 98
Inseam 64
Leg opening 70

all measurements are provided in cm.


Cotton 100%

Country of Origin


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