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kenji aoki overshirt gray
  • kenji aoki overshirt gray


    Kenji Aoki’s sense and direction with his art was influenced by a number of events in his life, including his time as a student at Kuwasawa Design School, as well as the times he would study illustrations done by his uncle Mosuke Yoshitake. However, over time Kenji was able to create an original philosophy for himself to act as the foundation for his photography:  
    Driven by the concept of “Zero,” art such as Zen and spiritual philosophy in the Orient called “no object,” Kenji began to seek “non-object” from tangible things through photography.” - Kenji Aoki Photography webpage 
    This philosophy can be seen in his work titled ‘SPACE no. 1 “Utopia“ 2017’, as well as from his series titled “Still Life”, which is exactly why we decided on these two works to be used for our Artist Collaborative Series with Aoki san.  
    The “Still Life” photos by Kenji, which consist of simple geometric shapes influenced by the use of ‘self-standing rods, lying rods, and shadows’, have been printed onto one of our white Short Sleeve Overshirts in an all-over pattern, creating a beautifully clean grid that perfectly showcases Kenji’s work.  
    With the SPACE no. 1 “Utopia“ 2017’ photo, we decided to simply print the entire work onto the front of one of our Short Sleeve Overshirts in black. Afterwards, we then printed a pixelated version of the work onto the back, which Kenji titled “UTOPIA++”, representing beauty that humanity has found in the unknown.  
    Both shirts will be available in limited quantities.


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days. 


    Sillage Artisanal Collection






    この哲学は、"SPACE No,1" "utopia"  "2017" と彼のシリーズ「静物」に如実に出ています。

    Sillage が今回 この彼の哲学に共感しそれを表現するお手伝いとして、シャツという形にさせていただきました。


    グレーの半袖オーバーシャ​​ツには、「自立棒、横棒、影」の影響を受けたシンプルな幾何学模様の「静物」の写真が全面にプリントされています。 、ケンジの作品を完璧に表現する美しくきれいなグリッドを作成します。



    これは、彼が「UTOPIA ++」と題し、人類が未知の世界で見つけた美しさを表しています。


    スタイルは夏のSillage の定番とも言えるオープンカラーシャツ



    2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。


    • Measurements

      Size Shoulder Width Lenght Sleeve
      One Size 31 85 72 29

      all measurements are in cm.

    • Composition

      cotton 100% 

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code

      6203.31 000

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