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loop wheel hoodie pastel yellow



The Loopwheel line from our Essential Collection has quickly become a staple for our brand the last few years, which is why we’re excited to release our Pastel Loopwheel Collection.

Our new loopwheel collection will be available in three beautifully smooth pastels - blue, yellow, and green - and will consist of hoodies, crewnecks, and for the first time ever we’ll be releasing a loopwheel version of our Hakama Pants in their iconic wide and straight cut.

The fabric for our new Pastel collection was sourced from the Wakayama Prefecture, from 1 of 2 factories in the entire world that produce authentic loopwheel cotton. The mid-century vintage machines used in this factory must be worked manually, and can only produce a single meter of fabric every hour. This is done through a process which creates bulges between the threads for a soft and comfortable weave that perfectly retains its elasticity, giving it a significantly longer lifespan compared to almost anything else in the market.

We’ve updated the design of our crewnecks and hoodies for this collection and decided to make them wider and longer for a comfortable and beautiful drape, and we've also updated the sleeve cuffs so that they sport a raw hem meant to age beautifully over time.

Each piece was dyed using original pastel colors designed in-house.

We will ship in a few business days.

染め綿や異素材の混紡など 困難とされるテキスタイルに挑戦・開発してきた 新内外綿株式会社が発信するブランド「mocT」。

そんなmoc TとSillageとの共同プロジェクト。




スタイルはSillage 定番のフーディーをアップデート。





Size Free size
Shoulder 37
Width 75
Length F70 B80
Sleeve 98


all measurements are provided in cm


Cotton 100%

Country of Origin


HS code


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