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martinique overshirt



The second installment in our SS22 Artist Series is finally here, and this time around we decided to collaborate with someone that I’ve wanted to work with since the inception of good friend and fellow French native, Engy Saint-Ange.

When asked what his inspiration is for his work, Engy almost always responds with the same: it comes from his environment, his surroundings as he goes about his daily routine, and most importantly the people he sees. In fact, in a recent interview with French magazine Views, he said,

“Je vais chercher un imaginaire à travers la singularité des gens,” –

which roughly translates to “I feed my imagination through the singularity of people,” and this couldn’t be more evident in his work for this collaboration.

For our collaborative series with Engy we decided to center the theme of the collection on paying tribute to Engy’s motherland, Martinique: a Caribbean island and French department located in the lesser Antilles of the West Indies that was once known as “Madinina”, or ‘Island of Flowers’.

The compositions Engy drew for this collaboration feature the beautiful outdoors of Martinique, with illustrations of fish swimming in the currents, a beautiful hibiscus prominently flowering by the water, and even Mount Pelée looming over the small town of Saint-Pierre.

But even with all of these authentic illustrations that seem to capture so much of the history and culture in Martinique, the people in the illustrations are what genuinely brings authenticity to the compositions: a humble man on a banana plantation in work clothes, wearing a straw hat while tending to a bunch of bananas, or a mother carrying her child, both sharing the same expressions of strength, determination, and resilience, or even a young woman relaxing beside the water while reading a book.

In total Engy illustrated six different original compositions, which we then printed onto a number of Sillage Short Sleeve Overshirts in six completely unique ways.

“These compositions are to be seen as a puzzle of drawings linked to scenes from the Caribbean.
These are feelings experienced by a Parisian artist who grew up alongside his roots, an ode to Martinique and its mystique.”

All six shirts will be available in limited quantities.

Sillage 夏のアーティストコレクション第二弾はYuthananの友人でもあるフランス人のアーティスト Engy とのコラボレーション。


今回のテーマは彼の祖国である かつて「マディニーナ」として知られていた西インド諸島のカリブ海の島マルティニーク。




スタイルは夏のSillage の定番とも言えるオープンカラーシャツ。


2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。


Size Shoulder Width Lenght Sleeve
One Size 31 85 72 29

all measurements are in cm.


cotton 100%

Country of Origin


HS code

6203.31 000

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