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mods coat yellow waterproof



The Military Fishtail Parka is quite possibly one of the most iconic outerwear pieces to come into existence, and it's also a piece we at Sillage have been eyeing for quite some time. After working with my partner on research and development for months, we finally feel that we've come up with a version of the fishtail parka that won't get lost in the bloated sea of reiterations ØC the Sillage Mod Coat.

We named our fishtail parka the Mod Coat after the Mod movement, a movement that started in the UK around the 90's that would be responsible for the rise in the military parka trend.

The Mod subculture, short for modernist, was a movement started by UK youths that prioritized dressing sharply, riding scooters, and most importantly listening to modern jazz. Members of the mod movement, or ”Mods” soon began adorning military parkas while riding scooters in order to keep their clothes clean and pristine, a fashion trend that quickly gained popularity on the international stage, moving the mod subculture from a small recognizable group into something emblematic of the larger youth culture of the era. Mods and their role in the popularization of the fishtail parka trend amongst civilians cannot be stated enough, and thus we felt it was only appropriate for us to name our fishtail parka, which we designed for civilian wear, to be named after the Mods.

Our Mod Coat has been cut to have our classic wide silhouette in the body, and will also feature ribbed cuffs on the sleeve hem, as well as high-quality drawstrings around the collar, waist, and the front and back of the hem as well to allow the wearer to tie each fishtail around their legs to lock in warmth. The Mod coat will also feature two large flap pockets for easy storage, as well as six buttons up the middle for easy fastening. For the materials, we decided to create an iteration using a high-quality water-proof nylon, as well as an iteration using a beautifully sourced organic ripstop cotton fabric.

The Sillage Mod Coat will be available in three different colors perfect for the spring: Orange, Olive, and Yellow.

Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


ビンテージのModsコートをモチーフにした撥水 透湿のナイロンコートです。






2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。


Size One Size
Width 79
Length 108
Sleeves 98

all measurements are in cm.


Nylon 100%

Country of Origin


HS code


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