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muay thai overshirt short sleeve



It has been an incredible journey for us here at Sillage since we first started the brand.

It’s a surreal feeling for us to be here celebrating our 5 years of hard work, and while we do have our eyes on the future with even bigger goals ahead of us for the next 5 years, we also don’t want this moment to pass us without acknowledging our triumphs, as well as the brands, artists, and people who have helped us climb this mountain. So, before we move onto the next phase of our brand, we wanted to take a moment and truly acknowledge this milestone with our First Annual Anniversary Muay Thai Collection, featuring fabric sourced from The New Denim Project as our special 5-year anniversary collaborator.

Our Muay Thai collection was first realized a few years ago after we had Hitomi, an artist and close friend of the brand based in Fukuoka, draw a pair of Muay Thai fighters engaging in combat. Hitomi’s illustrations truly hit home for us at the time, particularly because of Yuthanan’s roots that go back to Thailand, and we plan on continuing to release pieces featuring this iconic print on a yearly basis through our soon-to-be annual Anniversary Muay Thai Collections.

For the 5 Year Anniversary Muay Thai Collection, we worked with The Denim Project again and used their fabric as the canvas for our Muay Thai print in order to create a new collection using environmentally friendly fabric sourced from a brand who’s main ideology is focused on recycling old/used fabrics to create new, beautiful materials within a “circular system”, efficiently producing clothes while ensuring that these products stay in circulation for as long as possible, minimizing waste and environmental impacts.

The anniversary collection will consist of our Short Sleeve Overshirt, our Long Sleeve Overshirt, Hakama Pants, and a single Coat, all featuring our iconic Muay Thai illustration in an allover print

The collection will be available on August 20th.
All pieces will be available in limited quantities - first come, first serve.

Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.

5周年の記念としてローンチする限定アイテム ムエタイコレクション。


生地はthe new denim project のデニムをアップサイクルした完全なるエコフレンドリーな生地。









Size Shoulder Width Lenght Sleeve
One Size 31 85 72 29

all measurements are in cm.


upcycle cotton 100% by the new denim project

Country of Origin


HS code


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