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pyjama set white stripe
  • pyjama set white stripe


    PJ’s, or pajamas, have never been bigger than they are today. With tons of people learning to style different pajama pieces into outfits that they wear when going out to all kinds of venues, we at Sillage decided it was finally time for us to throw our hats into the ring.  


    We’re happy to introduce for the very first time in the history of our brand, our Sillage Pajamas. 

    Because we wanted to create beautiful pieces that have a cozy look perfect for lounging inside, as well as going out, we decided to use a beautiful 100% cotton fabric sourced from Japan that was produced using a super high-gauge cotton yarn.


    Thanks to the super high-gauge cotton yarn, the pajamas have a luxuriously soft and smooth feel, with a beautiful natural stretch, providing an incredible amount of comfort for the wearer while also sporting anti-wrinkle properties, making them the perfect easy-to-wear pieces with low maintenance --  they’re incredibly easy to style, comfortable to wear at all times, and easy to care for. 


    Our PJ’s will come in a pack consisting of pajama pants, as well as a beautiful pajama shirt.  

    The Pajama shirts have been cut for a wide and straight aesthetic, while the pants have been cut to have a wide aesthetic with a straight-leg fit, similar to that of our iconic Hakama Pants, the very first piece we ever produced here at Sillage. 

    Whether you’re going out to lunch with friends, taking a nap at home, lounging around the city, or just out and enjoying nature, our PJ Pack has the perfect pieces for any and all occasions.


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    Sillage から初めてのパジャマの提案です。











    2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。


    • Measurements

      Items Shirt Pants
      Waist   70 to 104
      Width 85  
      Length 80 104
      Sleeve 100  

      all measurements are provided in cm.

    • Composition

      Cotton  100%

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code


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