socotra field hat royal blue overdyed
  • socotra field hat royal blue overdyed


    For our first collection in our Destinations Series, we chose an island with a unique ecosystem located in Yemen: the island of Socotra. This colorful collection pays homage to the island’s luxurious flora.


    Socotra is home to many unique animal and plant species only found on this island, including a dozen birds, as well as 307 types of plants and trees (the most famous being the Dragon’s Blood Tree and Socotra Desert Rose) that are represented through our designs in this upcoming collection.


    This collection’s prints have been designed by Kobayashi Ikki, a Japanese graphic designer whose work I really admire. Kobayashi reinterpreted the island's iconic trees in his own way.


    We decided to place these “trees” in a way that’s reminiscent of a paisley bandana pattern and placed them next to each other to create an all-over print. The printed Arabic text is "سقطرى", which means “Socotra”. The material we used is similar to traditional bandana fabric, and is lightweight and breathable, perfect for the upcoming Summer season.


    Our Field Hat is made to protect your neck from harsh sunlight, the front of the hat has a wide solid brim and at the back is light and draped. You can also tie your hat using the strings. 


    Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


    イエメンのインド洋上の島 ソコトラ


    このフォルムをIkki Kobayashi 氏に2つのアートワークにクリエイトしていただき 






    2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。

    • Measurements

      Size One size
      Front Brim Length 12
      Circumference 59
      Cord length 58

      measurements are provided in cm.

    • Composition

      Cotton 100%

    • Country of Origin


    • HS code

      6504.00 000