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shiori mukai for sillage

The third artist being featured for our SS22 Sillage Artist Series is none other than Shiori Mukai, a local Japanese block printer whose artistic roots go back to India, a country that’s been regarded for thousands of years for perfecting the art of dyeing and block printing fabric. 

For the collection we had Shiori start with blank Sillage Short Sleeve Overshirts. Each shirt was then carefully put through a rigorous, yet careful process perfected by Shiori over the years, involving multiple dyes and washes for a single piece. This process ultimately produces fabrics that feature complex color palettes alongside unique, allover block print patterns.  

Shiori was able to produce 10 wholly unique patterns for this collection. However, because of the level of intimacy involved in her signature process, only a single shirt was produced per pattern, resulting in a small collection of just 10 short sleeve overshirts in total. 

No two patterns are alike, making each piece a true 1 of 1. A true work of art.   

Sillage 夏のアーティストコレクション最後はインド、カッチ地⽅アジュラクプールのブロックプリントの⼯房で、初の外国⼈プリンターとして活動をしている向井詩織氏。


染工程、プリント内容 全て一つ一つ個性のあるものとなっています。

その後ブロックプリント生地を全て違う柄 染料で手でプリント
その後二度 さらに別の染料にて染めていく過程を取ります。
染料はそれぞれ ミロバラン,ミョウバン,鉄, 藍, 茜 , 柘榴 を使用してます。


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