new arrival - fall collection

Here at Sillage we love culture, art, history, nature, and a number of other things, but there’s one thing in particular that will always have our whole heart: classic cars.  

We love the history behind them, the mechanical movements and technologies imbued into the essence of their design through engineering, and the love required to maintain older classics, and that’s why for our first official FW22 drop we would like to introduce the Safari Collection -- a small line of clothes perfect for comfortably wandering the outdoors, featuring a beautiful all-over embroidery of Defenders and Range Rovers. Through this small collection, we’ll also be introducing a brand-new silhouette for the first time ever this fall season, our beautiful and incredibly functional Multi-Pocket Jacket. 

All of the embroidery was done in Fukuyama by one of the most well-established embroidery companies in the world, ensuring that the embroidered images perfectly reflect all of the details Hisayuki Hiranuma included in his illustrations. 

Our new Safari Collection will consist of  Hats , Big Pocket Overshirts, Circular pants, Hakama Pants., Gilets, and our brand-new Multi-Pocket Jackets, all available in white, brown, green, and black  color-ways etc. , the perfect palette for any fall outfit.