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nepal souvenir jacket yellow



For our first SS23 Sillage outerwear piece we decided to make the perfect jacket for any Spring outfit – our new Nepalese Souvenir Jackets – along with a limited version featuring a luxurious allover vintage Nepalese appliquéd patch pattern.After traveling to Nepal last year in search of inspiration, Yuthanan came back to Japan with a number of incredible finds including vintage hand-woven baskets, antique wooden figurines, and a small collection of unique vintage patches and trekking badges, traditionally adorned by Nepalese mountaineers.

We wanted to pay homage to the great mountaineers of Nepal with our own unique twist on an age-old tradition, and ultimately decided to applique the vintage patches and badges Yuthanan found onto our new Nepalese Souvenir Jackets in a randomized allover pattern.

The silhouette for our Nepalese Souvenir Jacket is directly inspired by the classic Harrington Jacket, also known as the ‘Swing Top Jacket’ in Japan, which had a huge comeback last year in the world of fashion.

Our version features raglan sleeves for comfort, thick high-quality shell buttons down the middle for easy fastening, two large flap pockets in the front for styling and easy storage, and an incredibly wide cut for both the body and the sleeves allowing it to be worn or layered with ease.

The Nepalese Souvenir Jackets will be available in three colors: undyed, yellow, and brown. 

The Nepalese Souvenir Jackets featuring Allover Vintage Nepalese appliquéd Patches will be available as well in an incredibly limited batch.

Supply is unfortunately very small due to the limited availability of authentic vintage Nepalese patches.
Each Souvenir Jacket is unique with its own random patch selection.

Ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.


Yuthanan の昨年のネパール旅行で探し当てたネパール製のワッペンたちを贅沢に取り付けたネパールスーベニアジャケット。




2,3 営業日にて発送予定です。


Size One Size
Width 86
Length 78
Sleeves 94

all measurements are in cm.


Cotton 60 % Nylon 40%

Country of Origin


HS code


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