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artisanal collection

About the collection

Our latest project here at Sillage takes another step in the right direction as we shift our focus more and more to incorporate the concepts of sustainability and up-cycling into our core beliefs. After carefully sourcing a small collection of pieces, we cut the clothes we sourced into square patches and then sewed them together to create sheets of patchwork fabric. From there, we then had our artisans in Tokyo re-work the patchwork sheets by hand and had them cut, assemble, stitch, and sew the different sections of the sheet together. Afterward, the clothes were then sent to our factory in Okayama for the buttoning process.​

No two items are the same, and each one will be numbered by hand by a good friend of the brand Naoyuki Yoda.

***These products made through the process of up-cycling used/vintage fabrics. Because of the nature of used/vintage fabrics, some pieces may show signs of fraying, dirt, scratches, fading, etc. Please be aware of this before you purchase anything, thank you.​

サスティナブルな取り組みの一つとしてSillageからの新しい提案 それが"Artisanal Collection" . 元ある使い古した服をスクエアなピースに解体. それらをランダムに縫い合わせ、大きな生地に. その生地をパターンに合わせ裁断 縫製する. その工程を全て一人の職人が担当し、. 最後に一人のアーティストがハンドペイントでナンバリングしていく. そして全てアイテムが1つずつ違う表情に. 
長い工程を経るからこその価値と. 使い古したものにまた新たな価値を与える. そんな新しい提案をしていくコレクションです

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